WOOD WISDOM H Catherine Watling

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This book is alive with the Spirit of the Forest. You are doing more than just reading when you follow the pages of Wood Wisdom … symbols, poetry and tales ignite the fire of your imagination and you are initiated into the magical realms of the 20 Ogham Trees and sacred Mistletoe and Birch, smelling the damp moss and broken bark underfoot as you journey from cover to cover. Rites and meditations are conveyed with charm, like that of the old Bards, weaving a story line and speaking to your subconscious so that you might interact with the spirits of the trees and learn firsthand from them. Even the most pragmatic reader will believe in and benefit profoundly from the gifts of knowledge and transformation bestowed with every new chapter, from root to branch.

244pp, 170mm x 210mm, softback, 2012
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