ECHOES OF THE GODDESS Simon Brighton & Terry Welbourn

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Over the past five years Simon Brighton and Terry Welbourn have set out to discover what happened to the Goddess after she was evicted from her pre-Christian elevated position as an equal to the Gods or as an individual deity. Travelling throughout Britain, they uncovered traces of the divine feminine - from holy wells and shrines, lost underground chambers to folklore, legends and fairy tales - to show that even after centuries of marginalisation, the goddess has remained with us. This unique book provides a rare glimpse through the sands of time to an era before modernisation and secularisation took hold, a time when pagan ritual and nature ruled the land. Uncover the secret clues hidden beneath our feet, including the dualism of Christianity and paganism amongst many fascinating sites, ruins, churches and the very landscape itself. This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for anyone with an interest in ancient spirituality and history.
256pp, 152mm x229mm, illus in colour, hardback, 2010

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