ACTIVE HOPE Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone

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If you feel somewhat lost or overwhelmed when you think of the current world situation, this wonderful book will strengthen you in body and mind, not just to face the challenges that lie ahead, but to really, constructively, find a way of overcoming them. As you will learn, Active Hope is something we do, rather than have. It is a process you can apply to any situation, and it involves three steps: first, you take a clear view of reality; second, you identify what you hope for; and third, you take steps to move in that direction. Joanna Macy shares her rich experience of inspiring people to take a knife and fork to the spaghetti which is modern life, giving us the feeling that, whatever crises we are faced with, we can and will unravel them and bring to them the healing that is the very substance of our souls.

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